Perlite filter aid


Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic material. It is expanded and milled carefully in special machinery at Nordisk Perlite. Nordisk Perlites machinery creates particles in special form and structure, and those create filter cake with countless of microscopic channels and give optimum flow rates and clarities for liquids.

Europerl Perlite has a large amount of special properties and advantages:

  • High capability of filtration
  • High clarity
  • High flow rate
  • Amorphous material - no crystalline particles
  • Low density
  • Easy cake release
  • Doesn't present a health hazard
  • Uniform precoat
  • Sterile product
  • Listed in US Food chemicals codex

Nordisk Perlite produces a full range of filter aids from the finest- for filtration of small particles to filtration of large particles with following high flow rate.

The Perlite filter aid is available in paper bags, big bags and bulk.

In pictures below its possible to see how Perlite filter aid works, and Perlite filter aid particles enlarged.


( 35 µ )



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